Northern Lights Time Lapse - "Mind, Body & Soul"

Each Aurora Borealis experience is unique ... magical .... surreal.  To experience it's glory is humbling to say the least.  It allows you the time to really see the amazing beauty of our world ... to reflect on the mind, body and soul.  

An amazing 2 hour Northern Lights performance condensed into a 1.5 minute time-lapse April 20-21, 2015. Over the Canadian Heritage Clearwater River Near Fort McMurray, AB. Don't forget to change your settings to 720p for HD viewing :)

So much to celebrate ...

It's been an incredibly busy time ... a happy incredibly busy time!  With so much to celebrate, I will have to take some time to reflect and process ... a nice way to say it's time to get back to editing so that I can share these incredible moments with you!  Here is a sneak peak from last night's performance ... the Heaven's were singing.

Special Projects … Living a Dream!


I am so excited to be working on a few very Special Projects that have been in the works for awhile!  Every moment possible is being dedicated to getting these projects to their final stage … out to you.  I won’t go into detail at the moment exactly what the final stage will look like but will say … WHAT A FREAKIN’ AWESOME RIDE IT HAS BEEN SO FAR!  I sure have been enjoying this journey! 

A few images have been posted from my 'Aurora's Embrace’ series already.  There is still much work to do to process the many images from that magical night August 29th, 2014, but in the meantime, I have been trying to absorb all I can learning more and more about this amazing phenomenon and ways to display it.  I am always so impressed by the amount of information a person can find on the internet and by picking the brains of insanely talented artists like Adam Hill.  Thanks so much for your help and advice, Adam!  So greatly appreciate it and will be putting it to work the next available moment.  Folks, you have got to take some time to check out this man's work  ...!/index

I love to research stuff I am passionate about … hungry for food for thought … and always so stoked when modern technology makes it easier for me to find what I need at a moment’s notice.  Check out the bottom of every page of my site for a brand new icon, AuroraWatch.  It will tell you at a glance the current forecast for the Aurora Borealis closest to our area indicated by a percentage of chance she may perform overnight.  Love it!  Please stop by my site and check it often so you can chase Aurora to.  Pssssst…. I hear there is supposed to be an awesome event this weekend, weather permitting.

Another Special Project in the works that I am so honored to be working on does not have an official name yet so for now I will call it ‘The Seasons’.   The images below are some of the shots from a ‘Seasons’ session yesterday.  To be working with these magnificent creatures is a dream come true.  I am more than blessed to be in their presence.  There just are no words to describe my gratitude to Randy and Carol for their time and generous hearts.  These are 2 people that if you ever are lucky enough to get to know will enrich your life like no one else in this world can.  I have been gifted friendships that will be cherished for a lifetime.  I think I have permanent goose-bumps!!  Nobody pinch me! 

I am so stoked and to-the-core happy to be working on these incredible projects … life is grand!

Oh and I cannot forget to mention the ‘Night Shift Exhibit’ with the Wood Buffalo Photography Club soon to have it’s opening night on October 14th, 2014 at the MacDonald Island Art Gallery.  Night photography is a whole new world that is unbelievably exhilarating to explore.  Heart-pumping (once in awhile heart-stopping), raw, intense exhilaration that can become addictive.  I cannot wait to see all the submissions in print - I had better get mine on order!  Save the date for the Night Shift Exhibit and an Aurora Chase of your own! 

Here’s to making forever memories and recording them with light! 


Well HELLO there!  I did it!  I survived the world of website construction! Thanks a million times over Squarespace!  I believe you saved my sanity!  YOU GUYS ROCK!  

Check this out folks ... my first blog!  A whole new adventure is about to begin - I am so stoked to be celebrating life's moments with you!  Before I start this leg of the journey I must thank those who have helped me get to this point.  You know who you are ... your patience is unbelievable.  Thank you for all your support, understanding and most of all believing in me.  Words cannot express what you mean to me.  I am grateful every day my feet hit the floor and for the people in my life ...  past, present and future ... you have helped mold who I am today.  Tom and Zac ... you are my every day.

Since this journey began I have met some insanely talented artists.  Your friendship and kindred spirit is something I can't get enough of.  You are all such an inspiration ... an inspiration that is simply immeasurable.  Thank you for always teaching me. 

It was back in May this past year when one of those amazing people in my life sparked something in me ... Thank you Erin Stinson of Studio Stinson ... I love the fuel you added to my fire ... here is my Walk-Out Song ... OneRebuplic's "Counting Stars".  From this Photographer's perspective it just fits.