Well HELLO there!  I did it!  I survived the world of website construction! Thanks a million times over Squarespace!  I believe you saved my sanity!  YOU GUYS ROCK!  

Check this out folks ... my first blog!  A whole new adventure is about to begin - I am so stoked to be celebrating life's moments with you!  Before I start this leg of the journey I must thank those who have helped me get to this point.  You know who you are ... your patience is unbelievable.  Thank you for all your support, understanding and most of all believing in me.  Words cannot express what you mean to me.  I am grateful every day my feet hit the floor and for the people in my life ...  past, present and future ... you have helped mold who I am today.  Tom and Zac ... you are my every day.

Since this journey began I have met some insanely talented artists.  Your friendship and kindred spirit is something I can't get enough of.  You are all such an inspiration ... an inspiration that is simply immeasurable.  Thank you for always teaching me. 

It was back in May this past year when one of those amazing people in my life sparked something in me ... Thank you Erin Stinson of Studio Stinson ... I love the fuel you added to my fire ... here is my Walk-Out Song ... OneRebuplic's "Counting Stars".  From this Photographer's perspective it just fits.





Source: https://www.tracyhollandphotography.com